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Changing Futures

The Changing Futures project is focussed on supporting individuals who face multiple and complex barriers to employment. All participants are unemployed or economically inactive and are at high risk of social exclusion, such as people from BAME communities, people with physical or mental health problems and people with learning difficulties. The

Want to know about Deaf Awareness?

The training is reasonably priced at £30 per person and is a valuable investment in your staff and your business. Should you require a bespoke in-house training day? Or even more than just deaf awareness, then please feel free to contact us on 01254 844553

By the end of the day, your staff will have learnt the following:

  • Communication and Deaf people
  • Personal and cultural experiences of individuals
  • Terminology – ways of describing Deafness
  • More about the action that can be taken to reduce the barriers
  • How to use basic sign language


Sound Solutions was set up in 2009, starting with a shop in Lancaster and eventually expanding to Burnley, Preston and Blackburn. Sound Solutions was set up when we identified that there were little or no services where people with hearing loss could try equipment at home before making the decision to buy the product. With our unique ‘try before you buy’ offer you will be confident that you have chosen the product that suits your needs.


Volunteering for ELDS is fun – this is what our volunteers tell us! Volunteering makes a change in the community, and it offers a lot for you too. You will meet a diverse range of people, which expands your network of contacts. Contact us: 01254 844550 or email: