Want to know about Deaf Awareness?

The training is reasonably priced at £30 per person and is a valuable investment in your staff and your business. Should you require a bespoke in-house training day? Or even more than just deaf awareness, then please feel free to contact us on 01254 844553

By the end of the day, your staff will have learnt the following:

  • Communication and Deaf people
  • Personal and cultural experiences of individuals
  • Terminology – ways of describing Deafness
  • More about the action that can be taken to reduce the barriers
  • How to use basic sign language

BSL Frontline

Working at reception and wanting to communicate with Deaf clients? Working at a children’s centre and wanting to sign with a deaf child? Frontline Sign Language course is perfect for those who want a short work-related course instead of attending weeks of BSL training.
  • Tailormade to meet your needs
  • Delivered at your preferred time and place
  • Provided by native Deaf BSL users
  • Cost effective: £35 per person for the total course

Send e-mail to training@elds.org.uk or phone 01254 84450 to find out more.