Our Aims and Visions 

East Lancashire Deaf Society is a non-profit charity, based in Blackburn, which provides support to different deaf groups across Lancashire. We understand the diverse range of communication needs of deaf British Sign Language BSL users, deafblind people, hard of hearing people and those who have lost their hearing later in life. Our main concern is for the deaf person and their family. We strive for their right to full participation, and the same opportunities in education, employment, access and involvement as anyone else in the community. We achieve this through three main routes:

  • Advocacy
  • Information
  • Services

We believe that with our services and support we can provide deaf and hard of hearing people in Lancashire with the same opportunities in access to work, social activities and education as their hearing peers.

Lancashire Deaf Service was set up when ELDS got an opportunity to expand its services to reach the whole of Lancashire. It was seen that the name ‘East Lancashire Deaf Society’ would confuse people that live in Central and West Lancashire. This is how Lancashire Deaf Service came about. It became a name that Deaf people throughout Lancashire could identify with. Lancashire Deaf Service now has offices in Blackburn, Burnley, Preston and Lancaster and continues to grow.